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You May Have Stolen My Wife, But I've Been Watching Your TV From My Garden

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Local man Colin Doddle remains in high spirits despite the fact he has recently been divorced by his wife Elena, who has moved in with new love interest Richard. There is added controversy in the fact that Richard and Colin know each other very well - they are in fact neighbours.

Colin however, does not seem hurt by the added blow, and in fact claims to have benefited from the circumstances.

“Initially I was a bit sad. I loved Elena. But when I found out that she was cheating on me with that moron Richard, I knew an opportunity had presented itself. I had to exact my revenge. He feels sorry for me, but little does he know how foolish he looks when I’m free loading off his Skybox!”

Doddle explained that his back garden has a view directly into Richard’s lounge, and so he’s been watching his neighbour’s TV without him knowing.

“Sure I can’t hear what’s being said. And I can’t choose what I watch. But that’s not important, I can always watch the reruns later on my own telly! Sometimes when it’s warm, they open the window and I can sort of hear what they're saying, God I wish I could film it. I just think, Richard, you’ve really got egg on your face!”

Colin’s optimism is admirable and it’s great to see that nothing can get him down, although he has recently come down with a bad cold.

“That poor bastard thinks the winter can stop me. He couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve sat there in the snow, watching lizard lick towing and top gear. Elena would probably leave him out of embarrassment if she found out, but I wouldn’t do that to another man, I’ve made him suffer enough.”

We wish Colin all the best for the future and hope we can learn from him when faced with similar adversity in our own lives.

Colin laughs in the face of adversity


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