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Kid Rushed to Hospital After Paintball Bullet Takes Out His Eye Still Claiming He Didn't Get Hit

A secondary school birthday party turned sour earlier today after one of the guests sustained a very serious injury. 14-year-old Chris Gluston made the unfortunate mistake of removing his mask midway through a paintball game, when a stray bullet managed to penetrate his eyeball.

The first-aid official rushed to his aid, however Chris was reluctant to leave the area of play.

“I didn’t get hit!” Chris was heard shouting as he resisted attempts to help him. “Where did they shoot me then, huh? Show me you coward!”

In fairness to the teenager, it was difficult to distinguish the marks left by the paintballs amongst all the blood gushing from his eye socket.

Staff did eventually manage to rush Chris to a nearby hospital after he’d calmed down - having passed out from major blood loss.

Kid with mask bleeding eye
The brave Chris was devastated to hear his martyrdom was all for nothing, as the yellow team ended up losing the paintball match.


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