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For Gross Fatso Every Day Is Pancake Day

Nothing cheers up a miserable winter day more than learning something new that makes life seem so much easier, that's why everyone loves learning how to cheat at life. One kind hero amongst us mere mortals is Graham McCarthy, who has learned that every day can be like Shrove Tuesday if you eat pancakes every day.

This revolutionary idea for everyday life is easy, yet marvellous. One simply cooks and eats pancakes every day rather than once or twice a year, with the only drawback being that it dramatically reduces your life expectancy and you are likely to gain huge amounts of weight.

When pursued for comment, Graham simply said: 'When you stop caring about things like cholesterol and vitamins, its really easy to make every day pancake day because there's nothing stopping you shovelling Nutella and jam filled pancakes into your mouth at any given opportunity. It's genius so far as I'm concerned, and I wouldn't stop for anything, though that's partly because I find it tiring.'

Good going Graham, and thanks for the tip!

Chocolate Pancakes with drizzled syrup
A typical days breakfast for big Gray!


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