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What Drake Didn’t Get a Chance to Say at the Grammys

Canadian artist Drake was awarded the Grammy for Best Rap Song following the success of ‘God’s Plan’. Drizzy was midway through delivering his acceptance speech when he was cut off by the telecast, much to his surprise.

We managed to catch Drake after the ceremony to find out what he would have said if his speech hadn’t ended prematurely.

“I’m a little pissed off” he told us, “I just wanted to give a few shoutouts. Millie Bobby Brown, Rihanna, and my brother 21 Savage - Brixton linkup soon yeah?”

“That, and I also wanted to praise the voice acting in Ice Age: Continental Drift, one of my favourite movies of all time. You know, with it being awards season, it always sets me off thinking about what might have been with that movie.

I think a lot of fans enjoyed Ethan the mammoth’s character, but he received next to no recognition even though he really added real emotional depth to the story about Manny and Ellie’s kid going through puberty. And you know, I’m someone who really pays attention to the importance of puberty, so...”

At this point, we were forced to cut Drake off, in order to get an interview with Jonas Stephenson, who’s part of the team that organised this year’s Grammy Awards.

“Every year Drake wants to talk about his voice acting role in Ice Age. He constantly compares himself to Heath Ledger’s Joker and wistfully remarks about wishing to create as much perfection in his music as he did with that role.” Stephenson commented.

“We tolerated it the year the movie came out, but it’s almost 10 years old now and he’s still going on about it.”

Trying to reach Drake for further comment, we saw him slip away, humming ‘God’s Plan’ and forcing Dollar Bills into the pockets of anyone unaware enough to leave them open.

Loving the (production) crew? Drake sure wasn't


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