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Rapper Admits That He Writes His Lyrics With His Mum

MC NoseDYVE, also known by aliases B1G TR1GGA, BigBitches4Lyf and IFuckedYourMum, told us in an interview that his mum actually ends up writing a lot of his lyrics: “My mum has always been my rock, and when she suggested the line:

“Bitch let me slide my fat cock inside you

Let’s be those animals that fuck in the zoo”

I knew she had talent, and from there a working relationship developed pretty quickly.”

NoseDYVE said, “I mostly sit upstairs and play video games. Sometimes I yell down the stairs and tell her to hurry up, but most of the time I let her work at her own pace.”

He continued, “My grandmother actually produces most of my beats. In fact, it was almost a massive source of tension, because she didn’t like my lyrics.

She had an argument with my mum about them, because she took an issue with the line:

“A gun is like a studded vest,

A guy who needs one is insecure at best”

My grandmother thought we should replace the word ‘gun’ with ‘fat whore’, because as she said, ‘it got a better flow and it puts them skanks back in their place so they don’t fuck about with my Billy no more’”.

Billy, NoseDYVE’s grandfather, spends his time either working on his patio, or working on a ho on his patio.

While MC NoseDYVE is still looking to break into the mainstream hip-hop scene, with these two powerful women behind him, we’re sure it won’t be long.

MC NoseDYVE, wearing the neckchain Auntie Flo got him for Christmas.


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