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Progress! When This Teen Mugged an Old Woman, He Referred to Her As "Ma’am" the Whole Time

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

"Manners cost nothing. And neither did these glasses I stole."

In modern Britain, the media is constantly accused of creating and feeding a negative impression of young people that hurts their day to day experience. Well today, we are proud to announce a feel-good youth story to try and combat that toxic atmosphere.

Daniel Stephens, of Stoke, decided that he wanted some money to buy shoes. In a natural sequence of events, he then naturally attacked Margaret Watkins, 65, of Keele.

However, unlike usual crimes where criminals frequently upset their victims with verbal threats or taunts, this violent assault was a little different.

Daniel politely referred to Ms. Watkins as "Ma’am" the whole time in a gentle voice, all whilst holding the crowbar to her throat.

This news reporter certainly sees that as major progress.


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