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Man Unsettles Friendship Group by Replying “Maybe” to Facebook Event

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Confusion erupted among Anna Winthrup's friends as Jake, who is within their social circle, but not part of the core group opted to respond “maybe” on the Facebook event Anna had created.

Anna’s friend Rob was alarmed: “I couldn’t get to bed last night. Two days until the party and he’s gone and bloody put maybe?! I don’t know how Anna can cope. This could make or break it.”

Lucas, Anna's boyfriend, said, “It’s just going to be really difficult for me to fully enjoy myself on the night. Every time I hear the doorbell, I’m just gonna be thinking, 'Could that be Jake? He didn't say he was coming. But then again he didn't say he wasn't coming.' At this point, Lucas broke down in tears and screamed, "Curse you Jake. May damnation rain upon your soul you liminal creature!"

This isn’t the first time Jake has pulled a number like this, he has become infamous among his peers for not responding to polls on group chats, and not reciprocating kisses at the ends of text messages.

“Usually people just press whether they’re going or not, or don’t reply at all,” said Anna, when pressed. “I just thought because he lives near and we went to the same school, it would be a nice to invite him, but I don't really mind if he shows up.”

Rob has really struggled with this disturbing turn of events


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