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Declining Coastal Town Can’t Wait to Become GCSE Geography Case Study

A small town on the East coast of England, once popular for its seaside attractions, has recently seen a significant reduction in the number of visiting tourists. The local population sees this as an opportunity for the town to make a name for itself - by appearing in next year’s GCSE geography course.

We interviewed some of the town’s residents to get their thoughts on the recent decline.

“We’ve got two boys - Jack and Will - and we just can’t wait for them to be able to say “my parents live there” to all the other children at school when looking at pictures of our derelict pier” said Harold Strawman, whose family have been living here for generations.

“They can be proud knowing when they see we’re overtaking big cities.” His wife Belinda added. “The likes of London, Manchester and Bishop’s Stortford all lagging behind us in these charts. Charts showing things like average age and crime rate.”

It’s brilliant to see the local population finally upbeat, after years of social regression and tensions with foreign tourists.

Locals are thrilled by the prospect, as OCR and AQA have already expressed interest


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