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Coldplay to Become Hotplay as Part of a Revolutionary Climate Change Protest

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Music and politics are often intertwined and Coldplay, despite avoiding nearly anything remotely interesting for at least 10 years now, have caught up in a big way with this climate change protest.

Frontman Chris Martin said: “well yeah i just saw the Polar Bear I was trying to hunt was so weak from swimming through water that was previously solid ground and that it really took the fun out of it all for me. It’s so easy to murder a panting weak wreck that you only get semi-hard anyway. Therefore I’m deciding to change our name to Hotplay in order to raise awareness of this issue.”

Other bands being lobbied to change their name to raise awareness are Hot Chip, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (currently too contradictory - how can one be Hot and Chilli) and Stormzy, who is being asked to change his name to Climate changes create more tropical Stormzy.

Coldplay performing from their newly rewritten song 'The Climate Scientist'


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