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Mourinho Joins Arsenal Fan TV

Following Jose Mourinho’s sacking by Manchester United in December, many were left wondering about ‘The Special One’s’ next endeavour. Rumours of a managerial role at Real Madrid were circulating the media, but proved false as Mourinho has pursued a career in punditry instead, joining ArsenalFanTV.

Mourinho’s first appearance on the show coincidentally followed the Premier League clash between Arsenal and his former club, Manchester United. He turned up in good spirits but denied it was to do with the result, instead insisting that he loved the driving rain. Fans gathered outside the Emirates as the Portuguese Manager gave an intricate analysis of the match.

“I thought Manchester United were shit.” Mourinho told Robbie.

“There has been a lot of hype about this Solskjaer baby-man, but I knew he would bottle it. It was ridiculous to start Paul (Pogba) in a game like this. He sold Fellaini, the club’s greatest performer since me, and when you do this, you gear up for failure.”

“Where are his fans now, huh?” He added, cupping his ear with his hand.

When asked about Unai Emery’s performance this season, Jose responded: “It was a very important win today for me… I mean for Arsenal. But how many Premier Leagues has this man won? If it’s less than 3 I don’t think we should even be talking about him.”


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