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“I Won’t Join Real Madrid Before This Summer” Hazard Reassures Chelsea Fans

Rumours of Eden Hazard’s departure from Chelsea to Real Madrid have been circulating the media for quite some time now. The West London club’s supporters will feel at ease when they hear the Belgian winger has declared he will stay at Chelsea - until the summer transfer window.

“I’m definitely staying at Chelsea until the end of this season." The Chelsea faithful were relieved to hear him say, “but as soon as that transfer window opens I’m hopping on the first flight to Spain - just don't mention it to Marcos Alonso in case he wants to drop me off at the airport.”

“Of course, I won’t be playing too many games until then. I want to be fit for next year’s Champions League. With Madrid. But at least it means we might see more of Danny Drinkwater in the starting XI. Man, I wonder what that guy's up to these days."

In light of Hazard’s inevitable departure from Stamford Bridge, Chelsea hero Gary Cahill has stepped in saying he hopes to take over as the heart of the attacking play.

Great news for The Blues!

Club legend. Eden Hazard confirms he is still a Chelsea player, despite sporting a Real Madrid in training.


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