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Chris Pratt Denies His Church 'Hates Those Horrible Gays'

After Ellen Page attacked Chris Pratt's attendance of Hillsong Church in California, he has come out to defend his position, stating: "My Church welcomes everyone, even those weirdos who think they love the same sex as them, and we should in no way be labelled as homophobic."

When pushed for comment by journalists attending the press conference, Pratt became visibly annoyed and confirmed that he and the Hillsong Church 'in no way hates those horrible Gays'.

He dismissed Page's claims as ridiculous and went on, "Just because several leading members of the Church have made it very public about their problems with the gay community doesn't mean the leadership has a problem with LGBT people, one of them told me the other day he even acknowledges the gay doorman in his building with a manly grunt. Manly because he wants him to know he's not into that gay stuff"

Chris Pratt then further dispelled any doubt about the prejudice he was accused of by kissing a newborn baby boy on the forehead, proclaiming "No homophobe would kiss a boy - so wind your neck in Ellen you fucking lezzer."

Chris Pratt with finger in the air denies Hillsong Church homophia
Chris Pratt has made his stance on the issue crystal clear.


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