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Awesome! This Business Lets You Work Every Day of the Week!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Software startup VaguTech are establishing themselves at the forefront of business thought in this new, competitive age of millennial marketing - they’re letting their dedicated staff work weekends!

‘Here at Vagutech we’re all about breaking taboos at work that stop people performing at their best. We saw the success of letting people swear at work and then thought fuck it, let’s move it up a notch. Yeah, so we said: “what’s the biggest work taboo of them all - going home at the weekend and relaxing - so we thought “not here at Vagitech!” - here you can come in and do the work we set you whenever - even on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s all about work freedom really, not being constrained by weekdays and weekdays. For us, every day is a workday!’

Vagutech have said that productivity has stayed about the same, but once the staff strikes and walkouts are out the way, they’ll be right as rain! We salute you, you pioneers of industry!

Steve looking thrilled to walk in for the 18th day in a row... who even remembers weekends?


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