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Australia Revive Christmas Island Camp to 'Hot up Racism-off' vs America

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Australia took decisive steps today in their bid to win the 'racism-off' against main rivals, America, by reopening their infamous immigration centre at Christmas Island.

The controversial base had long been Australia's answer to the US Police, and today they re-revealed it, worried people would forget their own long history of institutionalised racism originating with their aboriginal population.

When interviewed for questioning, immigration Official Nobby Foot said: "For a while we were proud of the prominence the points system granted us, it really got us through to 2016. Since then, we felt like we were being overshadowed by Trump and all this wall nonsense, so we decided to up the ante. We're so excited to see if it works."

American officials were seen to be visibly angry at being so easily matched, and were seen to mutter plans about 'telling Trump that a Vietnamese man stole his hamburger' to try and force some executive action and regain their place as the world's most racist nation.

Australia Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre
Australia's Trump Card.


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