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Always Check Your Food Before You Eat - I Found This in My Burger!

Last Friday, I was driving home from work and decided to pass through a nearby drive-thru and pick up some food. I was with my buddy Carl and we pulled over so we could eat. I was extremely lucky I wasn’t alone - I was about to take my first bite, when Carl shouted for me to stop what I was doing. He spotted something was off about my burger.

I was happily about to tuck in, but Carl was suspicious

I opened up to see what was inside, and was shocked to find Carl’s intuition proved faultless once again (last year he predicted my wife would cheat on me, and the following month she ended up sleeping with Carl).

Perhaps on first glance, this appears to be an ordinary hamburger

That’s right, wiping your screen won’t help, what you see here actually happened.

Think again

The lettuce inside the burger was clearly off. I’m never going back to this place again. This has taught me a lesson and I want you guys to learn from it too - always check your food before you eat it.


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