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Third-Wheeler Gearing Up For Valentine's Day

"They'll see. They'll all see!"

For some people, Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough- especially for third wheelers! Deborah Creeley from Grays, a professional third wheeler to her best friend Carolyn and partner Keith of 4 years plans every February 14th with military efficiency.

“I start by lying in bed staring into space for an hour before trudging my way to the shower. That lasts until I finally stop crying or the hot water runs out, whichever comes first. As an avid exerciser, I take a cheat day and drive to my nearest Thorntons with a strict budget of £50 upwards to spend on ‘self-care confectionary."

By lunchtime Deborah as always is keen to check in with Carolyn and Keith- but with a Valentine’s Day twist! “I have a dartboard that I pin photos of them onto then devote three hours to hone my craft. My PB is 6 180s in a row. That's right between Keith's eyes.”

After the couple have made the traditional Valentines Day declaration of love through Facebook, the real work begins for BBF Debbie! “I cloned Keith’s phone and created fake texts with several women that I’m going to plant on Carolyn. That should set the mood for their romantic dinner tonight. Salisbury Zizzi’s is quite the venue. I do hope they don’t order the spag bol, it would be awful if someone had done something to it."


"This is sport to me. Pure and simple. Let the hunt begin."


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