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Senior Trump Advisor Revealed: What Can Elmer Fudd Bring to the White House?

In an exclusive interview, Donald Trump has admitted that doesn’t make his presidential decisions alone. He seeks the advice of none other than renowned marksman Elmer Fudd. Here’s how Trump described his relationship with the former Looney-Tune:

“Rabbits. All the rabbits. I talked to Elmer about rabbits and it was very good. Elmer is very good and he gives me advice, lots of advice, on politics and America and China.”

After a lengthy handshake with the president, we turned our attention to Elmer Fudd himself, who was also happy to provide a comment:

“I’m the bwains of the opewation. That’s wight, you heawd me. It was my idea to wefowm Obamacawe and I’m behind the wall too - nobody from the human univewse could be that widiculous!”

Asked about the drastic career change from cartoon character to advisor to the President of the United States, Fudd added:

“Fow me, it’s aw about the gun westrictions. I won’t wet them take my 12 gauge away fwom me. Believe you me, I’ll get that scwewy wabbit if it’s the wast thing I do and I don’t give a cwap about any of those schoow shootings!”

This is perhaps the closest we’ve come to providing a justification for Trump’s behaviour as president.

Donald Trump smiling giving thumbs up
Donald Trump happily admits he gives Fudd the go-ahead on pretty much everything he suggests.


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