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Sarri Mortified He Forgot to Win 3 Premier Leagues Before Going Mental at a Chelsea Press Conference

Mauricio Sarri has turned up to the Man City Press Conference red-faced as he remembered that he should have won 3 premier leagues before accusing his players of self-sabotage.

“It’s just so embarrassing, you come second place at Napoli a couple of times and you forget that it doesn’t translate into 3 English League titles.Otherwise I would have already stormed out of this press conference, with 3 fingers in the air like I was Katniss Everdeen.”

Despite it being well-acknowledged that going nuts without success just makes you look like an arsehole, Sarri earlier ploughed into Nigel Pearson “ostrich-head” territory as he decided that a great way to motivate players is verbal abuse.

Today, despite the embarrassing 6-0 reversal, Sarri seemed phlegmatic in comparison to previous remarks about a lack of belief from his players, saying:

"I have no right to be angry at a 6-0 defeat, seeing as I failed to cup my hand to my ear when I beat Juventus in 2018. If you get frustrated and you haven’t got that in your CV, or a knee slide at Old Trafford, you just look silly and undignified.”

Not special enough. An ashamed Sarri left the press conference early, as he went to apologise to his players.


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