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Sam Takes Hilarious ‘Replace Your Mate’s Shower Head with a Snake’ Prank Too Far

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Sam Bigotty, a 33 year old man from Walsall, has taken what was originally a hilarious prank way out of hand, according to his friends.  

Dan Snaith, who is now a plumber, after leaving his previous job as a plumber, said: “This is just typical Sam. The old 'Replace your mate’s shower head with a dangerous viper' gag has a lot of potential, but you have to know when to stop.” 

Mylon Fister, one of the group of mates, noted that, “It’s just about keeping it within the spirit of the joke. When Dan replaced my shower head with a boa constrictor and it swallowed my daughter for several hours, that was hilarious. But what Sam has done is disgraceful.” 

Jim Brigback, who concocted the prank after realising his house was already full of surplus snakes, put Sam's behaviour down to the first time the prank was done on Sam.

"Of course," Jim reflected, "if a black mamba had poisoned me and forced me to spend three days in intensive care, I would have thought every second was hilarious. But I guess Sam never did have a good sense of humour, not like the rest of the lads."  

When Sam was asked what he had actually done, he had no idea. Sam said, "All I remember was last time I left a whoopee cushion on Mylon’s chair, he dug up a fifteen hundred year old Anglo Saxon pike and impaled my buttock when I was in the queue at Sainsbury’s." 

"My proctologist said he hadn’t seen a rectum that damaged since he had to pull a Spiderman figure out of my ass the last time the lads ‘pranked' me. I don’t really want to be friends with these guys anymore.” 

Man smiling in suit and pointing
Sam Bigotty, taken just five days after his rectal operation.


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