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Quiz: We Can Guess How Many People You’ve Slept with Just from Your Answers to These Questions!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

1. Which of these personality traits describe you?

a) Good sense of humour

b) Friendly

c) Has had sex with more than 5 people

2. Have you been called any of these playful nicknames?

a) Virgin

b) Stud

c) The Vaginal Penetrator

3. Your friend Rupert calls you asking if you could help him do some lifting this weekend, as he’s moving house. How do you respond?

a) “Sure thing Rupert, I’ll help you out.”

b) “Sorry bro, I promised Julia I’d play chequers with her this weekend.”

c) "You know Rupert, I’ve had 8 sexual partners."

4.That lousy neighbour of ours is asking to borrow the blender again, God he’s unbearable isn’t he?

a) Too right!

b) I hope he doesn’t find out his wife took my virginity, I haven’t had sex since!

5. If you had a pound for every time you’ve slept with someone new, how many pounds would you have?


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