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Best Prank Ever? Steve Wrote That Jonny ‘Loves Sucking Dick’ on Jonny's Facebook

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

What a time to be alive! As well as viewing the never ending march of technology and an increasingly inclusive globe, planet earth was today treated to its funniest moment when certified comedy legend Steve, a twenty year old man from Idaho, took advantages of his friend Jonny’s open facebook page to write a confession that Jonny ‘loves sucking dick’ when, in reality, Jonny is not actually a ‘GAYBOY’, as the status proclaimed.

Witnesses of this momentous comedic achievement were quick to herald it, confirming with an eventual total of three likes, that Steve had in fact surpassed the comedic genius of the greatest comedians of this generation.

When asked what lies in store next, Steve was reclusive: "Netflix want me to do my own special, but I think I can go bigger. Jonny has a piano recital this Saturday and I'm going to yell 'Jonny's a wanker' from the audience."

Watch out comedy world, because Steve could really strike anywhere and everywhere.

Fuckin' Jonny, what a card!


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