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Podcast Editor Loses Track of Which Voices Are In The Podcast and Which Are In Her Head

Amanda Schwarzenegger, editor of popular podcasts such as The Story of Bark, While You Listen To These Cicada Noises I’m Fucking Your Wife and Hurt My Ears! can no longer differentiate between the podcasts she’s listening back to and the voices in her head which tell her to kill herself.

Amanda confessed, “I just can’t work out if it’s Greg Doherty, who hosts The Story of Bark, telling me that the next episode of Will It Blend? on YouTube should feature my head, or if it’s a voice formed from my deepest psychoses.”

This has caused some consternation among listeners of the podcast, as Amanda often leaves her microphone on whilst grappling with her skull, and the sound of her scratching her own flesh off has, bizarrely, damaged listener numbers for Hurt My Ears!

Amanda told us that, “Honestly, when the voices aggressively recommend euthanasia, it makes it easier to tell myself to not listen to anything, so I sit in silence and wait for the voices to grow bored."

“What really threw me was when I thought I’d listened to an entire David Olusoga lecture about growing up in Newcastle, which turned out to have been entirely fabricated by my mind, since the podcast was about bark."

“My mind told me stories about climbing the Angel of the North with Wes and Jess, and I’ve never even been to Gateshead. I’m based in Truro. I think maybe Greg Doherty’s right, I’ll get in touch with the Will It Blend? team.”

Help me.


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