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Mediocre Footballers Who Sometimes Scored Bangers

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

The names included in this list won't be the first that come to mind on the mention of football. They probably rarely come to mind at all. However, these bang-average players were capable of producing something spectacular out of the blue. Sometimes.


Matthew Taylor

This guy was actually pretty cool. Started for Bolton and Portsmouth back when they were decent. Currently plays for Swindon.

Craig Gardner

Described as a “versatile midfielder” on Wikipedia which translates to “doesn’t really excel at anything in particular.” The Birmingham City player did however, possess a rocket of a right foot.

Rickie Lambert

Before this guy found himself in the Premier League, he was scoring screamers in the lower divisions. Try this one on for size.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As average as they come. Not sure where the lad is now, but worth having a look at this goal.


This long shot merchant was purchased by Man City in 2007, probably because he’s Brazilian.

Carl Jenkinson

Perhaps his career would have looked different if he managed this at the other end of the pitch.

Pedro Mendes

The Portuguese international played for some decent sides. Here’s one of his more exciting goals for Portsmouth.

Charlie Adam

Didn’t really look like a footballer. At times didn’t play like one either. But nothing can be taken away from his peach of a left foot.

Marcus Bent

Perhaps we’re cheating a bit by including this superstar in our list, but we just couldn’t resist showing you one of his corkers.

Peter Crouch

For a man of his stature, managed to pull off some outrageous things on the football pitch. From bicycle kicks to long range belters, Crouch could do it all. Take a look at one of his best, accompanied by some intricate analysis from the experts.


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