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Steve from Essex Solves Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with Ease

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Steve Wilson has decided that a global issue with a great degree of nuance and complication can be easily solved with a solution that spectacularly ignores any wider issues.

Despite of not having a degree in international relations or having studied the complex histories of the middle east and the various cultural clashes that have arisen from it, Steve claimed that it would be much easier if Palestine and Israel "just got on with it" and "tried to get along".

In attempting to explain himself, Steve gave a brilliant analogy about a minor altercation with his neighbour over their garden fence, which he solved through a mix of tactful diplomacy and "common sense". Steve continued, seemingly believing that millennia of political, racial and religious conflict were in fact, fairly similar to a dispute about a minor positional readjustment of the fence in question.

Steve's argument was compounded by a biting conclusion which aggressively argued that details were "irrelevant" and "weren't important anyway".

Steve also admitted that he's currently working on an "easy fix" to the refugee crisis, unemployment, and "the myth that is climate change."

Future Peace envoy?


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