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Group Unsure Virgin Friend Who Laughed At Sex Joke Actually Found It Funny

Being a virgin is fine, but don't pretend to be in on the joke

In an awkward turn of events, a friendship group was rocked with controversy as they discussed whether their virginal friend, Alex, truly understood the multilayered nature of Billy’s cleverly timed ‘that’s what she said’ comment. When Jonny’s dad invited them to come inside, Billy, the trademarked comedian of the group, hilariously chimed in ‘that’s what she said’, playing on the double meaning of the term come.

However, the group were shocked when they viewed their friend Alex, who has not had sex, laughing along with them. ‘Surely he can’t have understood that coming inside is a risque thing done during sex’ Laura remarked. Jamie agreed with Laura when asked for his view of events: ‘He just doesn’t have that life experience, I don’t think he got it and to be honest I’m confused as to what he was laughing at’.

The group declared plans to test Alex’s humour next week with another cleverly planned skit playing on the double meaning of an object ‘looking too big to fit’.


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