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DISASTER AVERTED: New ‘Abort’ Feature On Tinder Lets You Rewind Accidentally Matching Family Members

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We've all been where she is right now!

Online dating can be quite the daunting environment for anyone, even a tech-savvy millennial. The recent announcement by Tinder of a new ‘abort’ feature for when you accidentally match with a distant cousin or estranged parent is designed to make your virtual love life that little bit easier.

“I woke up one morning to see I’d matched with this cute guy called Mark but as soon as I looked properly at his profile I realised it was actually my cousin Mark; I was even in one of his photos! Luckily the new ‘abort’ feature saved the day as my phone immediately sent him a message calling him a ‘dirty bastard’ before self-destructing.”

Some users are skeptical over the effectiveness of the feature. “As a short term solution it’s great but what I’d love is a button to forget accidentally matching with my Mum and realising she’s trying to cheat on my housebound Dad with men half her age. I’m pretty sure she gets more action than me at this point.”

The feature will be rolled out in a new ‘Retro Relations’ update which will also includes the option for hetero-normative male users to contact the fathers of female matches to request dowries. Exciting stuff!


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