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5 Signs Your Mate Has Gone Bald

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Baldness affects over 40% of men in the UK and some are resorting to more and more extreme methods to cover up their hair loss. Here are 5 signs your friend might not be who they claim.

1. He always turns up to the pub wearing trunks and a swimming cap.

Every time you and your mates arrange a pub meet-up, he claims he was convinced you were going swimming instead.

2. He acts weirdly around hair products.

You once caught him clutching a comb, whispering “I know you are no stranger, but I cannot remember you”.

3. He frequently seeks kinship with new born babies.

When he passes babies on the street he pats them on the head and chokes up, saying “You’re like a brother to me”.

4. He tries to convince you Lord Voldemort wasn’t that bad.

Often out of the blue he will start a debate defending the Harry Potter villain, stating that we "don’t know what he was going through" and that he was "more relatable in his final form compared to as Tom Riddle."

5. He told you he was bald.

When you finally asked him, he admitted it.


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