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5 Fish That Don't Look like Neil Warnock... Then One That Does!

We've been receiving some letters of complaint about us not doing enough hard-hitting journalism. That's okay, we don't see it as an insult, we see it as a challenge! So here you have it. 5 fish that look nothing like Cardiff Boss Neil Warnock, but then one that does!

1. Isn't wildlife majestic?! Shame it looks nothing like Sheffield Hero Neil Warnock

2. A goldfish we could all get behind with a forehead like Vincent Kompany... not quite what we're looking for though

3. Another meaningless marine animal with no relevance to the city of Cardiff. pfff.

4. This fish clearly boasts huge sex appeal, and may be only matched in raw sexuality by the hard-nosed winger of the 1970s, but looks nothing like him!

5. Mezut Ozil might recognise the eyes, but Neil wouldn't have a clue who this was!

Don't worry guys! Tension over. Here is Neil Warnock.

Only joking! It's the fish that looks just like him. Look below for reference! Though I'm sure you don't need too!

Complete with what is either sweat or water from his ocean home!


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