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Dog Dressed Up by Owners Shunned by Canine Community

No one will look me in the eye anymore. I wander the streets alone, hoping for any sort of interaction. With anyone.

My life isn’t what is used to be. Whenever I hear laughter, I assume it is being aimed at me. Murmurs and whispers drive me insane. My mind suggests to me there is a joke going round and everyone finds it funny except me. I am the butt of it.

It wasn’t always like this, believe me. I was an optimist. I’d go to the park every day and just run around. That used to be enough to make me happy. Such a simple thing. Prancing through the tall grass, chasing after tennis balls.

I’ve tried to make things better. I thought my public urination would get me some attention. Good or bad - I didn’t care at this point. On pavements. On trees. Sometimes I’d piss right next to someone in hope of a reaction. I'd receive none.

The life of a journalist sure as hell ain’t easy. That I can tell you for sure. I haven’t lost faith completely though. Not yet.

Also the dog in the picture was shunned by the canine community for wearing some sort of unicorn costume. More on that to follow.

Small french bulldog dressed up in unicorn costume
This dog knows nothing of my struggle.


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